Altons 1

An image displaying the entirety of the Alton Tower's exterior.

Alton Towers is the principle, congregational area for players of YoWorld. Alton Towers is the default home of every new player upon joining YoWorld, as this high-rise houses every apartment in the game. Stepping outside of the apartment leads the player to the Alton Towers exterior, a scrolling room.

Alton Towers is the primary social area of YoWorld. Known for always being crowded, new players and old players alike may meet and socialize at will.

This is also the default landing area to which players will be sent after being kicked out of another player's apartment.

On July 23, 2014, the Alton Tower's exterior area was expanded, and a fountain was added right infront of it. With this update came the ability to pan the camera or scroll around the room by using the mouse to click and drag around.

Classic Alton Towers

The old Alton towers had a lobby on the inside to view your neighbors. It also looked different from the outside.


  • "Alton Towers" was named after Alton Brown of the food network.
  • It is confirmed that the Alton Towers is not the only apartment building in YoWorld, but it is the most significant one. The others have only been seen in art, or hinted at.

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