The logo of the YoVille Anti-Jackers in 2011.

Anti-Jackers, also known as Anti-Price Jackers, are YoWorlders who use manipulative techniques to lower the prices of certain items on the YoEconomy. One could argue that out of the entire game, players who Anti-Jack are the ones who make the most profit, simply because they get more sales due to their low prices. Anti-Jackers can be viewed as the opposing faction to Price Jackers. Anti-Jackers tend to be more successful when it comes to running Price Jackers out of business.

Why its done

Price Jacking has had a large history within the game. Players who manipulate the YoEconomy in order to make their own items worth more, have been disliked in the game for years. After a while, more and more Anti-Jacers appeared in game, to help keep most of the items at a low price.

The Anti-Jackers of 2011

Towards the end of 2011, a group of people of the YoVille Forums decided that they had had enough of the price jacking (late 2011 was a very bad time for items getting price jacked), and they set up a group called the YoVille Anti-Jackers (YAJ). Their idea was to do the opposite of what the price jackers did, and tried to lower the prices of several price jacked items. Unfortunately this group ended in February 2012.

The Incident of 2012

Around September of the year 2012 there was an over flow of Anti-Jackers in-game causing the prices of the 2008 costumes  to drop dramatically! Items such as the Pink Retro Specks also dropped to as low as 4m. This really infuriated the Price Jackers, so they imidiately began looking for new ways of getting prices to rise again. Some say that there were more than just Anti-Jackers playing a role in this. Unfortunately the prices rose to their original pricing again later on, and now today are higher han they were before.

Anti-Jacking and Yocash Dealing

There are some YoCash Dealers who are Anti-Jackers them selves and sell yocash at low prices, this is now becoming rare but is still done today. There is currently a group of Anti-Jaking YoCash dealers in-game, many trying to lower to YoCash rate.

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