Arabesque Mirror Haunting

An image of the mirror while in stores.

Arabesque Mirror Normal

An image of the mirror while it's in use.

The Haunting of the Arabesque Mirror is an anomalous property hidden within a furniture item, the Arabesque Mirror. It all began when someone noticed that the item appeared differently in stores than it did while the item was actually in use.

While there is no huge difference in the item while it's on display at the Furniture Store, it's not hard to miss that the mirror, while on display at the store, contains an image. When the mirror is pulled out of the store, or inventory, while in decorating mode, the image disappears.

While nobody is quite sure what the image within the mirror is while it's in stores, many claim that it is, in fact, an image of a face, and if it is, the gender of it is currently unknown.

It is also currently unknown if this was a design error, a glitch, or some sort of prank or Easter Egg inserted into the game by the developers. Whatever the case is, many find it rather eerie, and gives off the impression that the mirror itself is in fact haunted.