The east side of the beach.

The Beach is an area of the map where players can visit. Its main purpose it to house the YoFish feature. The beach is unique in the fact that it's made up of two parts, east beach and west beach. East beach has a beach kiosk where you can buy swimwear and food, even though the food is no longer used in game and once bought just disappears as if you never bought it.

The beach is the northern-most point on the map and can be accessed from Alton Towers

Both east beach and west beach have a fishing pier that you can play YoFish on. However, west beach has an accessible Bait Shop, while the one in east beach is just decorative. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.

There is actually an old version of the beach in the game's files. This "unreleased" beach was dropped and replaced with this one within the first few months of the game's existance. The special beach could be accessed by a link in found in 2009, although the link doesn't work any more, and trying to get to the old beach with that link will just take you to the "80% Activating Player" glitch. 

A very-rare known fact about the beach is that your footsteps are actually recorded in the sand! When you walk over the beach, little marks in the sand will appear!

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