The Beach is a location on the YoWorld Map where players can meet. At this location, players can also go to the YoFish! mini game. The beach has 3 areas in total. These are the entrance, East Beach and West Beach.

Take a dip and meet new friends at the Beach.

–Game description of the Beach (Location)

East Beach

East Beach consists of a small shop, a fishing pier and a connection to West Beach.

At the shop, the following items can be purchased:

Even though the food can be purchased through this shop, it is no longer used in the game and once bought, it disappears from your inventory and your money is lost.

West Beach

West Beach consists of a bait shop, a fishing pier, and a connection to East Beach and Alton Towers. This area used to be accessible from Alton Towers.

At the bait shop, a Bait Worm and Bait Minnow can be bought for respectively 5 and 10 YoCoins.


  • The footsteps of the avatar is tracked in the sand. When walking, small marks in the sand appear.
  • There is an old version of the beach within the game files. This old version was dropped and replaced with this version the first month of the game's existence. The old version could still be accessed through a link in 2009. This link doesn't work anymore now and attempts will end up getting the loading screen stuck at "80% Activating Player".