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Blast from the Past

The Blast from the Past, was a celebration held in YoVille in summer 2013. During this celebration, a few selected items from past themes, going back as far as 2008, were re-released for a second time in game. Certain items from themes such as Halloween 2009 and the first Mafia theme were released once again.


  • Many believe and feared that one of the many reasons behind the re-releases was in fact for economic damage control. Given the fact that certain items were growing in price and value at dangerously high/fast rates, developers might have found it necessary to halt the rise of prices in many items. The re-releases also caused economic panic, causing the price of many other items not even re-released, to drop in value as well. Note: This was all speculation.
  • This theme sparked many rumors that the game was coming to an end.

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