Museum Exterior

Moonlight Manor, also commonly known as Bloodmoon Palace is an in-game fan-made location fashioned to be a museum, which centered on the dark and occult parts of YoWorld's history. It officially opened up on January 17, 2015.

The first constructions of the museum began in late 2014. The museum was constructed in such a manner that is keeps growing over time. It was opened up after being abandoned for so long, which is why half of it's structures lie in ruins. The museum is a large, almost endless fortress-like castle, and is rumored to be riddled with secret areas and abandoned passages. The museum displays different exhibits, some of which are real.

About and lore

This massive structure is located in another dimension and can only be accessed through the ancient Express of Lost Souls, a mysterious ghostly train sighted around YoWorld usually at midnight, when the clock strikes twelve. Those who are unlucky enough to be lured into one of the trains carts, find themselves falling through a vortex the tracks lead to, where dark sinister creatures are said to latch onto the train and fly by it as it makes its descent.

They then find themselves at the gates of the large possibly endless castle-like structure. They may meet with a keeper or explore the ancient place themselves if they do so dare. Inside they'll find creepy art created by real respected YoWorld Artists, disturbing exhibits, and secret passages hidden at every turn. Currently, only about 75 rooms of the museum have been mapped, and it is believed that there are only so much more deeper within. What makes the museum harder to explore is the fact that for some reasons players tend to get easily disconnected from the game while exploring certain parts of the museum, some believe that these may be magical wards at work put up to keep out the untrusted.

Many strange occurrences have been reported at the museum. Some visitors have reported sightings of disturbing or perplexing creatures, beings, or entities, some have claimed to have seen ghosts and others have even claimed to have been abducted by aliens right on the property.


  • Bloodmoon Mansion is known to be the very first Museum in YoWorld to focus on the occult parts of YoWorld History.