Necromantic Exterior

Moonlight Manor, also commonly known as Bloodmoon Palace is an in-game fan-made location fashioned to be a museum, which centered on the dark and occult parts of YoWorld's history. It officially opened up on January 17, 2015.

The first constructions of the museum began in late 2014. The museum was constructed in such a manner that is keeps growing over time. It was opened up after being abandoned for so long, which is why half of it's structures lie in ruins. The museum is a large, almost endless fortress-like castle, and is rumored to be riddled with secret areas and abandoned passages. The museum displays different exhibits, some of which are real.


To make the experience of visitors much more convenient, small, purple fashion tiles have been placed over the arrows of various areas through the Museum, to make accessing other areas much easier. It is recommended that players click on these arrows to better guide themselves through the museum.


The museum is a massive place, some would describe as being almost endless, with countless hallways, areas, and secret passages. The museum also has it's own green house and garden area, which houses over six different types of flytrap, and includes a pumpkin patch, and swamp area. The museum also has it's own cemetery, with a catacombs region that is currently off limits to visitors.

While travelling through the facility, many visitors claim feeling like they're being watched, and followed, especially when they're alone. The museum is rumored to be haunted and it is believed to have several unidentified creatures roaming it's abandoned areas.

The exact location of the museum in terms of YoWorld's map, is currently unknown. The only known way to access it, is by a ghostly train that appears in YoWorld at a specific hour every night only on specific seasons of the year.


  • Bloodmoon Mansion is known to be the very first Museum in YoWorld to focus on the occult parts of YoWorld History.

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