May Calendar
June Calendar

Bonus Calendars are a feature first introduced in October 2015. On a daily basis, players log in to collect 1,000 YoCoins from the calendars, along with some Experience Points to help them level up. Originally only done for special events and holidays, it was not until early 2017 when this feature became more and more regular. Each calendar comes with a total of five prizes. Every other calendar it fluctuates between three furniture prizes and two clothing prizes, or three clothing prizes and two furniture prizes. A player get's a new prize for every five days they log in to collect their reward from the calendar. The type of item (whether clothing or furniture) switches every other prize.

If a player misses a day, they may go back and reclaim it anyway, at the cost of YoCoins, the cost of reclaiming days rises with the more days you miss.

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