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The Map of YoWorld

This category contains information about the map the forms the universe that is YoWorld. Feel free to explore this category and add any information you may have.

Current Areas

  • The Clothing Store, where players can buy clothes for their avatar.
  • Alton Towers, the apartment building for every player in game, and the most popular socializing area on the map.
  • The Coffee Shop, a place no longer used but nice to meet people at.
  • The Car Store No longer Updated with new items
  • The Furniture Store, where players can buy furniture and decorations for their houses.
  • Gifts & Flowers, where gifts, mystery packs, plushies and other nice items can be bought!
  • The Lucky Casino, a place of chance and luck, and the player can leave either rich, or broke!
  • The Music Store, which sells music tracks and players that can be used in houses.
  • The Pet Shelter, where all kinds of different pets can be bought!
  • The Realtor Office, the gateway to buying a new home to live in! Lots of choices!
  • The Salon, where players can buy or rent different hairstyles to increase their looks!
  • The Speedway, the place to go for racing! Win races and get money!
  • The Widget Factory, a place all players should go to as they get money for clicking about 2 buttons!
  • The Bank, where YoCash can be converted to neighbours or coins (NOT ADVISABLE!!!!)
  • The YoDepot, where you can buy items not normally found in the furniture store, such as wallpapers!
  • YoFish!, a great mini-game found at the Beach! 
  • The Car Store, where you can buy fancy cars and rides to impress people!
  • YoValley Ranch, where you can buy horses and other animals!
  • Outer Space, A hidden area that cannot be accessed through the regular map, this area can be reached using the Flying Saucer Home.

Non Accessible/Removed places:

  • The Gym, where you could buy gym furniture such as weights. Replaced with the Salon in 2009.
  • The Underworld, the unofficial name of an unnamed area of the map in 2008 resembling an underground tunnel.
  • Sweets Factory, the player could bake sweets here to make money, replaced with the Widget Factory.
  • Waterfall, a small waterfall on the left of the map that is unaccessible.
  • Dream Beach, a beach area that no longer exists, it could be accessed through a special link back in 2010. This area could not be accessed through normal game-play.

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