The Change Appearance icon lets you change your outfit wherever you are in the game.

The Change Appearance feature is another feature that has been here since the start of the game. It allows you to change the way you look, including your face and your clothes. There is lots you can do when changing your appearance, and the variety of possible outfits you can create are endless!

Themed Clothing

When the game first started in May 2008, basic clothes were released with no theme to them, such as plain t-shirts and shoes. But before long, clothing lines were introduced, where the clothes would be designed to fit a certain theme, such as punk, or wedding. But when proper themes entered the game in 2009, the first real clothing theme, where all clothes were designed for a specific use, was the Mafia vs Police theme. From them onwards, clothes have only been designed to fit themes. Lots of clothes are released for each theme, but this is mostly made up from the same items in a variety of colors. 

Why Dress up?

Dress to Impress! You want your avatar to be up to date? You want to show off your wealth or anything at all? Then dress up! Many love to dress up, unless you prefer decorating.

Is it expensive?

Not at all! You can buy a full new costume and spend under 80k! Most basic clothes now such as dresses, pants, shoes etc. are 1,000 - 1,500 coins each, but the further back in time you go, the cheaper the clothes. Some of the clothes released in 2008 (still in stores), can be bought for less than 100 coins!

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