Clothing Store

A screenshot of the exterior of the Clothing Store.

"Dress yourself up in the latest YoWorld fashions at always trendy Fashion Store!"

The Clothing Store is a place on the YoWorld map where you can go to buy clothes for your avatar. On the map the store is located between the Speedway, the Music Store and The Bank.

Not many people use the Clothing Store these days, because if you go into Change Appearance, you can shop from home. But some people do still choose to shop at the Clothing Store, similar to how some people buy furniture from the Furniture Store and not from home.

To buy clothes, click on the lady behind the counter to bring up the buying pop-up.

What can you buy?

The Clothing Store sells all clothes that haven't been removed from stores. It's also the place to buy accessories, and facial features. The only avatar items you can't buy there are hairs, and rideable items. 

The most recent theme is normally displayed at the front of the store, although the store always has "New Items", "VIP Clothing" and any items on sale or discount at the front. When you head towards the back of the store, you'll start to find clothing lines instead of themes, such as Aviso and Nerv. These were released in 2008 / 09. And right at the back you'll find the basic, cheap clothes such as t-shirts and pants. These are not themed.

If you are a new player, head to the back of the store! You can get there by clicking the arrows on the pop-up!

Examples of Clothing Items for Sale

The YoVille Wiki has listed a few themes from the clothing store that either are on sale, or used to be.

Exclusive Concept Artwork

Below are three original artworks of the Clothing Store, back before the game's release. None of these designs actually resemble the final design, although the bottom part of Fashion1 resembles the exterior slightly. Images courtesy of Big Viking Games. Images are dated 20th January 2008.

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