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The Corleone Mafia Family of YoWorld (CF) is one of the earliest mafia families in YoWorld. Originally owned by Phillip Lemal, Corleone is now owned by Dillon Miller. Corleone is one of the few powerful families having more than 100 members. Corleone also has been home of the few most powerful and innovational people in YoWorld.


Corleone was founded by Phillip Lemal originally in 2008. At that time, due to the popularity of YoWorld, it had 60% more members than it has now. Corleone also claims it gained the title of the most powerful family during that time period.

The Two Collapses of 2015

During the last months of 2014, a group of corleones, collectively called the Revolutionists went against the leadership of the then Godfather, Dylan. The revolutionists wanted the leadership of Dylan to end and thus revolted against him and proposed a new leadership plan for Corleone which included 4 leaders running the family. The revolutionists, in early 2015 got too powerful, gaining more members than the anti-revolutionists itself and thus the Godfather left while deleting all groups and chats. This caused all the members of the family to be lost. This was the first collapse. A revolutionist, Akshay brought together many of the members under his leadership; discarding the original 4 leaders plan and gave himself the title of Godfather. However his leadership caused many more problems and another revolution titled "The CF Revolution 2.0" started. This leadership was short-lived as when September neared, the Godfather left. This caused chaos and problems in the family and 2/3 members left the family. This was known as the second collapse. Later that year, Phillip Lemal - the original owner, came back and made a member "Dillon" the Don and erased the Godfather rank.

The 2016 Fall

Between May and July of 2016, many members left Corleone due to trust issues with Phillip Lemal, the owner of Corleone. Bruce Corleone, the person who had worked hard to make Corleone try to reach its former glory also left. Many more left when Phillip Lemal accused Name Inc of stealing its own idea. Name Inc has provided proof of the idea formation however Phillip Lemal has said to provide proof but hasn't provided till now. Many leaders are still staying in Corleone because of their long history. The lower ranks however know nothing about what is happening. The problem is being tried to kept hidden however Name Inc and its allies are working hard to show the truth of Corleone.

Current Status

Corleone is currently running under the leadership of Don Dillon and Padrino Phillip Lemal. The both rulers however are not devoting much to Corleone therefore the family is going down. Many hardworkers such as Bruce Corleone have left the family.

Relationship with Families

Relationship with Latorio

The relationship between Corleone and Latorio has a very complicated history. Corleone has always remained an enemy to Latorio. In 2016, Phillip and Vinny - Latorio's owner had talks of becoming allies however that did not go well due to, as being said, that Phillip behaved immaturely and insulted Vinny a lot. However the current relationship of Corleone with Latorio is unknown.

Relationship with HamXa Corporation

Corleone and HamXa Corporation had good relationships in 2014 and early 2015. Under Dylan Bishop's leadership, Corleone and HamXa Corporation's relationship was at its prime, having built the Corleone Website including the most popular Members+ and the Corleone Times. As part of the partnership, HLogo and HBuilder first launched on the Corleone Website. In late 2015, under the new leadership of Dillon Miller/Zen, HamXa Corporation tried to maintain the partnership however the Don didn't pay attention to allies and partnerships at that time. The website was maintained poorly because HamXa Corporation removed most of its team from the website to focus on its on new websites. The domain during 2015 was also lost. In June 2016, the website was finally shutdown and the partnership was dissolved. In July 2016, when Phillip Lemal came back, relationship between the two was improving strongly and even HamXa Corporation helped Phillip Lemal build the Corleone Incorporated - the business division of Corleone and the Corleone Empire - The one true owner of CF, CI and Everything else owned by Phillip. However on July 17th, the partnership was dissolved quickly and The Corleone Empire was declared, for the first time, the enemies of HamXa Corporation after accusation of Phillip Lemal that Name Inc (HCorp's former subsidiary) stole the name licensing idea. This has also lead to HamXa Corporation taking back the logo it had created for Corleone.

Relationship with Other Families

Corleone, during the Dylan Era, had a lot of Allies as well as some enemies. The allies continued to decrease in the Zen Era and it was finally down to a handful in 2016. After the false accusations of Name Inc by Phillip Lemal, the ally list has gone further down. Later Corleone announced that it does not need allies as it thinks most powerful but many believe this is a way to say that Corleone has little to no allies.