The crafting icon lets you enter the crafting screen.

The Crafting feature was released in March 2010, alongside the Whimsical theme. Located in the factory, this feature allows you to craft your own collectible. Crafting uses widgets, which you can either buy (for YoCash) or request from friends.

To make a collectible, you need a certain amount of four different widgets. There are six widgets that can be used, but each craftable item only uses four of these.

  • Paint
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Orange Screw
  • Pink Thread
  • Plank

There are lots of collectibles that can be built, although these collectibles are different from the collectibles in store. All craftable items are furniture, no clothes have ever been craftable.

Zynga still uses this feature regularly, with several different craftable items for each theme being released. 

Crafting is useful for anybody looking to get a nice item to decorate with, but from a trading point of view, these items aren't worth building just to sell, because of their low value.

How to Build an Item

  1. Click the crafting icon or visit the factory and click on the large crafting machine.
  2. Choose an item you would like to craft.
  3. Send requests to friends asking for widgets to help build your item (or buy the widgets with YoCash).
  4. Once you have all the parts, click to build your item.
  5. Enjoy your item! It will be in your inventory for you to decorate with!

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