Factory Crafting Machine (July 2017)

The Crafting feature was released in March 2010, alongside the Whimsical theme. Located on the right side of the Factory, this feature allows a player to craft their own Craftable Collectible. Crafting uses Widgets - paint, nails, hammer, orange screws, pink thread, plank - which could initially be purchase using YoCash or requested from YoVille friends.

Currently, Widgets can only be purchased for 1 YoCash per widget. The 'Send Parts' and 'Request Parts' featured were 'temporarily disabled' prior to the YoVille/YoWorld transition. But, items may still be crafted with Widgets if a players has Widgets in their 'Inventory'. Widgets are not 'Tradeable'. At its peek, several new craftable items were made available with each new Theme release.

To make a Craftable Collectible you need a specific number of four different types of Widgets. Once all the required Widgets have been collected the Crafting Machine makes your item available to you. The following items are currently available to be built.

  • Fall Couch Red
  • Fall Couch Orange
  • Haunted Spike Bed Red
  • Haunted Grey Spike Bed
  • Cottage Gold Windmill
  • Cottage Red Windmill
  • Romantic Sofa Aqua
  • Romantic Sofa Black
  • Moroccan Chair Red
  • Moroccan Chair Blue
  • Summer Serving Table
  • Red Record Player
  • Green Record Player
  • Brown Record Player
  • Black Record Player
  • Modern Bike
  • Antique Bike
  • Scooter
  • Sewing Machine
  • Centaur Statue
  • Enchanted Pegasus Statue
  • Animated Elk

No clothes have ever been available to craft.

How to Build an Item

Crafting Item Menu
  1. Click the crafting icon or visit the Factory and click on the large Crafting Machine on the right side.
  2. Choose an item you would like to craft.
  3. 'Buy' the specified number of Widgets asked for, at 1 YoCash each.
  4. Once you acquired the required Widgets, click "To build" to receive your item in your 'Inventory'.