Decorating is a feature on YoWorld which has been here since the start of the game. It allows you to buy furniture items from the Furniture Store, and then put them in your rooms. It is something that a lot of players find fun to do, and lots of YoWorld players can be called "Professional Decorators". Decorating is one of the main purposes for this game, and is a huge feature.

House Tours

House tours were very popular and were usually held as events. Basically this was entering someone else's house and touring it, and at the end you would give the owner feedback. This was usually done for room ratings, a feature that was removed in 2009. House tours still happen, and can be found in the "Grand Opening" section of events.

Room Decorating Contests

On there would be a room decorating contest that would be held once per theme. The winners of the contest would be able to win the newest yocash home for free. At the end the developers stopped doing these. Though from time to time there were one or two room decorating contests on the official Yoville Forums.

Decorating contests have returned to YoWorld and can be found on the YoWorld Forums.