The Desert Island theme was released on January 8, 2013. This theme revolved around being stranded on an uninhabited island, also called 'desert island'. It was for a part inspired by the American drama television series Lost, the American drama film Cast Away and the American sitcom Gilligan's Island.

The theme consisted of clothing, furniture, hairs, 2 rideables and 4 houses.

This theme is still available in stores, except the hairs, the 'Desert Island Helicar Ride' and a few other limited items.


The 4 houses released within this theme were the following:


The 2 rideables released within this theme were the following:

  • Desert Island Air Balloon: YoCash Symbol 32
  • Desert Island Helicar Ride: YoCash Symbol 22 (available for 14 days)

Costume Design Contest

During this theme there was also a Costume Design Contest. The winners were announced on January 22, 2013. The top 3 of both categories ended up being released on January 24, 2013. The winners are listed below.

Female Outfit

  1. Jumba
  2. OneEyEhEaVeN
  3. Lionell Toro

Male Outfit

  1. iceagecoming
  2. Diamonds n Drama
  3. Lionell Toro

Released Items