Template:Infobox ThemeThe Desert Island theme was released in January 2013. It was the second theme of 2013 and the first full-length theme. The theme is based on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. There are two houses released with this theme, both islands. The first house shows a plane crash in the heart of the island, filled with waterfalls, beaches, forests and temple ruins. The clothing is based around the idea of being stranded. 


  • There are many real life influences that are said to have had an impact on this theme, including LostCast Away and Gilligan's Island.
  • The theme received mostly positive views, although it received some negative feedback from people saying it was too similar to other themes in the past, a complaint that has been made often before.
  • There was a costume design contest for this theme, in which all three winners were released into store, not just number one.

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