The switch that allows you to choose between male and female shopping.

Duo-Gender Shopping was an update to the clothing store made in October 2010. It meant that players could buy clothes from both genders' stores.

Before that players could only buy clothes from their own gender, and had to trade with players of the opposite gender to buy their clothes. This was a much wanted and well received feature, and today most people use it without even thinking about it. 

Platinum Ninja made the announcement on October 28th 2010 about the feature:

"We want to announce that the ability to purchase male and female clothing from the Clothing Store will be coming very soon! We know that many of you have been waiting for this option for a long time and it is finally here! Hopefully in time for Halloween.

Now you can purchase both gender’s clothing lines in game! No more purchasing the opposite gender’s clothing through the Items Page! You will just visit the Clothing Store in YoVille and choose either the FEMALE or MALE Icon (in the upper right hand corner) and we will display the clothing for that gender once you choose a specific category. It’s that easy!

Check it out soon in the Clothing Store and see what other clothing options are available to you at your fingertips!

- Platinum Ninja"

The gender switching button can be found in the clothing store and the hair salon, allowing males to buy female clothes and females to buy male clothes.