VIP was an unfinished VIP feature that never initiated in-game, eventually, a proper VIP feature was released in July 2012.

Despite never releasing, many items were made for this feature but never released. During 2008/2009 Zynga showcased VIP jackets in the Clothing Store, these items were not supposed to be purchasable, they were supposed to be a sneak preview of the VIP feature which never came, due to a developer oversight many players were able to purchase these jackets by a glitch, these jackets are now available in the Clothing Store and require no tricks to acquire them.

VIP Clothing

  • Grey Dress Shirt
  • Black Dress Shirt
  • Blue Dress Shirt
  • Cheetah Dress
  • Pink Mini Dress
  • Red Mini Dress
  • Blue Mini Dress
  • White Mini Dress
  • White Stars Mini Dress
  • Black Stars Mini Dress
  • Lips Mini Dress
  • Red Dress Shirt
  • Purple Mini Dress
  • Black Polka Dot Mini Dress
  • Green Leather Mini Dress
  • Pink Leather Mini Dress
  • Red Leather Mini Dress
  • Blue Leather Mini Dress
  • Purple Leather Mini Dress
  • Pink Polka Dot Mini Dress
  • Purple Polka Dot Mini Dress
  • Blue Silk Dress Shirt
  • Fire Silk Dress Shirt
  • Green Silk Dress Shirt
  • Grey Silk Dress Shirt
  • Purple Pants
  • White Jeans
  • Lime Green Jeans
  • White Pants
  • Black Pants
  • Purple Shiny Heels
  • Red Flats
  • black shiny heels
  • Yellow Shiny Heels
  • Blue Shiny Heels
  • Pink Shiny Heels
  • Green Shiny Heels
  • Red Shiny Heels
  • Dark Blue Shiny Heels

VIP Hairstyles

  • Candy Blue Straight Hair
  • Candy Purple Straight Hair