Features are some of the core foundations that help shape the game for many users. There are a variety of features at the disposal of all YoWorlders. Throughout the years, each one has evolved, while others were removed. These features are developed and continually updated to ensure its security, usability, and ability to promote a comfortable gameplay experience to all users.

Current Primary Features

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Current Secondary Features

  • Play A Game
  • Projectiles
  • Dizzy Drinks
  • Sitting/Lying
  • Energy
  • Reporting
  • Smart-Pets
  • YoFish!
  • Speedway
  • Badges
  • Clubs
  • Selfie
  • Music
  • Mystery Chests
  • Jobs
  • Rideables
  • Item Preview
  • Relationships
  • VIP
  • Supporter Badges
  • YoPass
  • Worlds
  • Lock Codes
  • Daily Login Bonus
  • Calendar Events
  • YoWorld Mobile Companion App
  • Daily Challenge Events

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Past Discontinued Features

  • Splats
  • Crafting
  • Group Buying
  • Room Contests
  • Co-Sign Houses
  • Horoscopes
  • Dibs
  • Raffle
  • Lucky Letters
  • Hide and Seek
  • Shop and Win
  • House Navigation
  • YoMagazine
  • YoDecor
  • Spin to Win
  • Fashion Contest
  • Weekly Fashion Contest
  • Donation Stations
  • Room Ratings

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Unreleased/Cancelled Features

  • Magic Potions
  • House Showcase
  • Inventory Drawers

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Features List

Below is a list of all the features in YoWorld, including removed ones, in rough order of when they were introduced into the game. Below this table, a key is available for clarification regarding the status of some of these features.

Feature Description Status
Decorating Allows users to change the appearance of their rooms. Usable
Change Appearance Allows users to change the appearance of their avatars. Usable
Buy items Allows users to purchase items from a number of in-game stores. Usable
Buddy Allows users to befriend other players and add them to their own personal list. Usable
Tic Tac Toe Allows players to play Tic Tac Toe with one another. Usable
Rock Paper Scissors Allows players to play Rock Paper Scissors with other players. Usable
Trading Alllows players to sell and trade items to other players. This feature was updated to Trading 2.0. Updated
Water Balloon Allows users to toss water balloons at other players. Seasonal
Energy Avatars needed energy to perform actions and walk faster. Removed
Events Allows players to create events and host parties and sales. Updated
Reporting A feature which allowed players to report other players for misconduct, and exploitation of game rules. Usable

Feature Description Status
Houses Allows users to purchase and decorate other homes besides their apartment. Usable
Whiteboards Allows players to purchase whiteboard items they could draw on. Usable
Dizzy Drinks 1.0 Allowed players to get drunk at the nightclub. This feature was updated for Dizzy Drinks 2.0. Updated
Snowballs Aother iteration of water balloons, allowing players to throw snowballs at other players. Seasonal

Feature Description Status
YoCash Introduced an entirely new currency in-game. Usable
Pets Introduced smart interactive pets in-game. Usable A website where players each had their own profile and could at one point even play the game. Removed
Gifting A feature where players can send their items as gifts to other players. This feature was updated for Gifting 2.0. Updated
Sitting / Lying Enabled avatars to actually sit in chairs and lie in bed for the first time ever. Usable
Free Gifts Allowed players to send daily gifts to other players in-game. This feature was updated to Coin Chests. Updated
YoFish! A mini-game where players can compete with NPCs at the beach in fishing competitions. Usable
Badges This feature allows players to earn badges as they reach certain milestones within the game. Partially Usable
Splats Splats were balloons one could toss at another player's profile on Removed
Clubs Clubs is a feature that allows players to invite others into groups, and create their own coat of arms. Partially Usable
Speedway An area on the map where players can go and race against NPC characters. Usable
Levels Allows players to level up, granting them exclusive items, YoCoins, and YoCash along the way. Usable
Photo Game A new feature that allowed players to take photos of themselves and share them on social media for YoCoins and YoPoints. Thie feature was updated for Selfies. Updated
Shopping from Home Introduced the convenience of shopping from home. Usable
Music Anabled players to purchase music players and tracks from the Music Store, and play them in their homes. Usable
Salon A location on the map where players can buy new hairs for their avatars as oppose to just sporting starter hair. Usable

Feature Description Status
Mystery Chests Chests that players could sent as Free Gifts. They needed keys to be unlocked. This feature was updated for Coin Chests. Updated
Crafting Players could go to the factories and use materials to build furniture items. Partially Usable
Permanent Hairs Originally, hairsyles were nly remporary. With this feature players could keep them in their infentories for as long as they please, sell and trade them too. Usable
Searchable Inventory Allows players to search their inventories using a text box. Usable
Group Buying Allowed players to purchase items in groups. Removed
Room Contests Enebled players to compete in contests and vote for rooms, and win cash prizes. Removed
Jobs Allows players to find other ways to make YoCoins. Such as party hosting, ghost hunting, and crime busting. Usable
Rideables Introduced cars and other vehicles that players could Usable
Duo-Gender Shopping Allows shopping to be a unisex experience, instead of a gendered one. Usable
Customizable Pets For a time, released pets we could dress up. Partially Usable

Feature Description Status
Co-sign Houses A feature by which collecting enouch signature from friends, allowed players could purchase YoCash houses for YoCoins. Removed
Raffle Allowed players to choose numbers on a card daily for a change to win an item from a drawing. Removed
Horoscope Gave players a daily hosocope upon login. Removed
Dibs Players would compete by collecting more dibs than their opponents, winner got to keep the item. Removed
Relationships Allowed players to choose and display relationship statuses in-game. Usable
Lucky Letters Players had to collect letters from their neighbors to complete a word or phrase for a prize. Removed
Hide and Seek Players were given a free item to hide and their friends had to come over and find it. Removed
Shop and Win Players would win items as they shopped, Removed
Flip and Roll A gambling game that used to be available at the Lucky Casino. Removed
Two-Player Actions Allows players to perform actions with their friends, like dances and combat. Usable
Dizzy Drinks 2.0 Introduced new drinks in the Sky Nightclub that players could consume for wacky effects. Usable
Collectible Preview Allowed players to view the animation of an item before purchasing it. Updated
Store Search Anabled users to use a search bar to search for items in-stores easier. Usable

Feature Description Status
House Navigation Allowed players to travel through their house without having to walk around from room to room. Removed
Avenues A new type of one-room house that can be connected to other houses and avenues. Usable
YoMagazine A fashion contest where players could show their looks off. Removed
YoDecor A feature where players showcase their rooms and get scored for them. Removed
VIP A subscription-based feature with more benefits. Usable
Auction House YoWorld's very own auction market. Usable

Feature Description Status
Magic Potions An unreleased feature that would allow players to consume transformative drinks. Release Cancelled
House Showcase N/A Release Cancelled
Spin to Win A spin popularly known for having high chances of rewarding YoCash. Removed
Inventory Drawers A feature that would have allowed players to organize items in their inventories with a drawer-like function. Release Cancelled
Fashion Contest A feature where players could dress up and compete. Project names YoMag 2.0. Removed

Feature Description Status
Reporting Events A new feature which made it possible to report exploitational events. Usable
Supporter Badges Badges awarded to players on the forums upon purchasing YoCash. Usable
YoPass An app separate from YoWorld that acts as an extra layer of protection over individual game accounts. Usable
Rearranging Homes An extra tool that allows users to change how their inventory of homes is arranged. Usable

Feature Description Status
Default Home Entrance Enabled the ability for players to choose which room of their homes visitors entered through. Usable
YoWorld Podcast A weekly broadcast where the YoWorld Vikings give updates. Now known as the YoWorld Update. Updated
Worlds Lets players choose what server they'd like to travel to before selecting a location on the YoWorld Map. Usable
Weekly Fashion Contest Displeys the most voted for outfits in YoWorld on a holographic billboard outside the Clothing Store. Usable
Room Renaming Allows players to change the name of individual homes. Usable
Free Gifts A new updated version of the old free gifts. Usable
Gifting 2.0 A new updated version of the old gifting freature. Usable
Paintboards A new version of Whiteboards that is more versatile and offers more tools. Usable
Lock Codes Allows players to place code locks on some of their in-game functions, like gifting, trading, or use of auction house for security purposes. Usable
Daily Login Bonus 2.0 A new login bonus that rewards players for logging in every day. Removed
Selfies A feature like the old photogame feature, where players can snap photos in-game and share them on social media. Usable
Calendar Countdown Events A themed suppliment to daily login bonuses where players win a free item every five days or so. Seasonal

Feature Description Status
Downloading Outfit Images Allows users to download high-quality images of their avatars. Usable
VIP 2.0 A new version of the old VIP feature. Usable
YoWorld Mobile Companion App A companion application to YoWorld. Players can play games for prizes they can transfer to the main game. Usable

Feature Description Status
Cupid Arrows A new projectile players can throw, like water balloons and snowballs. Seasonal
Spring Cleaning Donation Station A feature that allowed players to rid themselve of unwanted items, with the incentive of winning free items. Removed
Daily Login Bonus 3.0 A third iteration to daily login bonuses. Usable
Slots A new assortment of slot games available at the Lucky Casino Usable
Entrances A newer type of action that allows users to make more animated entrances into rooms. Usable
Candy Quest Events An avent that rewards players for completing daily actions, with points they can redeem to open crates. Seasonal

Feature Description Status

No new features yet in 2018.

Status Key Key Description
Usable The feature is currently usable and deployed in-game for player use.
Removed The feature has been removed from the game, and is no longer usable.
Seasonal This feature changes or alternates with the season or times of the year, and is usable.
Updated The feature is currently usable, but has been updated from its original form.
Partially Usable While the feature is still in-game, there may be parts of it which may no longer be functioning or attainable. The feature is only partially working.
Release Cancelled Release of the feature was planned, development may have taken place, but the feature was ultimately never officially released for player use.