The exterior of the gym. Photo taken July 2009.

The Gym was a place on the YoVille map that was removed in September 2009 and replaced with the Salon. There was not much inside the Gym, but it had five furniture items you could purchase. These can now be found in the Furniture Store.


There were five items in total at the gym that you could buy.

  • Weights - 250 coins

    Gym items can be found in the "Themes" section of the Furniture Store.

  • Basic Exercise Equipment - 250 coins
  • Exercise Bike - 300 coins
  • Deluxe Exercise Machine - 1,500 coins
  • Ultimate Exercise Machine - 2,000 coins

All these items can now be bought at the Furniture Store.

Exclusive Concept Artwork

Below are three original artworks of the Gym, back before the game's release. Gym A bears the closest resemblance to the final design, although none of the images closely resemble the final gym. Images courtesy of Big Viking Games. Images are dated 20th January 2008.

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