Magical herb

A Magical Herb

Magical Herbs are small cuttings that can be collected from the Magical Herb Garden. The magical herb garden is an item that can be collected gradually as players level up within the first 200 levels of the game. Upon consumption, the magical herb transforms the player into a troll-like being. There is a female version, and a male version of these two trolls.


Female version on the left vs. male version on the right.

Upon their initial release, many players were confused as to where they were coming from due to their unannounced status. They were simply added as a prize in when the first 50 levels of the game were added.


The magical herbs are a furniture item that can be consumed upon clicking it, they can also be consumed directly from your inventory. They are small plants, with very dark violet leaves, and a mint-green grassy vegetation growing in between the dark violet leaves.

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