Mary Everlasting, is a paranormal in-game phenomenon that dates back to January 16, 2013. She is also the game's most famous fan-made character. The first ever recorded sighting was found on the YoVille Forums, the very same day the legend allegedly began. A player on the forums explained what he had seen in the game. He stated that he saw the ghost of a woman in his virtual home, or at least a player who acted as such. Many dismissed his claim as a lie, or a common misconception. Two days later, on January 18th, two other forumers claimed to have been visited by this very same woman. After these two new reports surfaced, many began to believe that YoVille was in fact being haunted, haunted by a woman who goes by the name of Mary Everlasting.

Mary Everlasting

Mary Everlasting as seen in most recent sightings - October 2016.

After the first three sightings were reported, many players began investigations. More and more sightings in game were reported, almost daily. The paranormal activity got very intense, after so a forumer proposed holding a seance. The seance was held as an event. Seances were done on multiple occasions, but the real ghost of Mary Everlasting never showed up to any of them. Later on, a profile was discovered in The profile belonged to a player named Mary Everlasting, after much investigations, it was determined that the haunting was coming from that account. After the discovery of the profile page, it was found out that her full name was Marylaid Everlasting. Marylaid Everlasting also turned out to be the forum name of the ghost as well. The forum account, was apparently never used regularly. The link to the profile of Mary Everlasting can be found below.

Possibility of Encounter: Possible

Mary Everlastings Yoville Profile: Mary Everlasting (dead link)

The Urban Legend

Mary Video

A Shot taken from the official Promotional Mary Everlasting Video released on October 18, 2015, Big Viking Games.

At this point, no one yet knows how or why Marylaid died. Her spirit is said to come in the form of a young woman, in an eternal search for her children. She has been seen wearing black Mcfly hair, with a blood stain wedding gown, and bleeding eyes. She also wore a wedding veil. 

Every time Marylaid was seen, people claim she was looking for her children. No one really knows what happened to her children, or if they are still alive. Due to her behavior, many believe that whatever happened to her, or her children must of been very tragic.

In some of the more recent sightings, the player usually claims seeing dead, or ghost-like children either before or after the player is visited by Mary. No one is really sure what the ghost children have to do with Marylaid, but many think the appearance of these dead children made the story even deeper than it ever was before. The children are said to wear dull, or old looking clothing. The clothing is usually either all black, or all white. The children also have pale skin, with dark hair. Some of the children are seen holding handheld toys. Reports say that these children are never seen individually, but are seen in large groups, of more than 10 usually. They are at times seen crying, other times they are just seen standing there, motionless.

People who dare travel to the homes of Mary, often report seeing a little girl with black hair, in a green dress wandering around. People have also claimed to have been ambushed by the large crowd of ghostly children most commonly reported in Mary Everlasting sightings today.

In a strange sighting that occurred on September 29, 2015, within Mary's apartment, the victims claimed that when they spotted Mary, she claimed to have been speaking about an unknown group who was after her. The the victims who encountered her believe that this group had something to with with the disappearance of Mary's children.


She wears black Mcfly hair, along with a veil. Her eyes are bloody, and she sports a bloody white wedding gown. Her skin is pale, also, the ghost is now seen wearing long white gloves on her hands.


In most of the stories, the player claims to see the ghost already in their room, before the player even get there. No one really understands how the ghost is able to invade the homes of other players without having any access what so ever. 

Depending on the situation, Mary could be seen sitting in a remote location within the room, crying to herself. Other times, she talks to her self, or mourns, as if not noticing that there is someone else in the room with her. If the player who sees her gets lucky, Mary will begin talking to the player. Many have noticed that the tone in Mary's talking is usually very depressed, or passive aggressive. When ever Mary does reply, her responses are usually one-word answers. Mary usually asks the player if they have seen her children. If the player becomes rude, or mean to Mary, she will become aggressive, or will begin to freak out and panic then leave. Whenever Mary does become aggressive, she blames the player for the disappearance of her children, and for various other things, then she leaves without warning. Some even claim that the ghost will fight back if she feels threatened, she fights back by using various methods to frighten the player.

Summoning Marylaid

Currently, there are no known methods that can be used to summon the spirit. Although many things have been tested, all seem to fail. Some however claim that Mary will show up to places where there are very few players present. She may even show up randomly in someone's home while they're alone.


  • There are currently two variations of the Mary Everlasting legend. There is the original fan-made one, which players began reporting in very early 2013, and the Big Viking Games rendition where the game developers made their own story inspired by the legend.
  • There are two official versions of Mary Everlastings players can run into or encounter within the game, usually around the month of October. The Big Viking Games rendition, which features an older version of Mary's Outfit that fades in and out such as a ghost, and the original player whose outfit seems to change from time to time and does not fade in and out.
  • Marylaid Everlasting came into the game in early 2013, however many theorize that she also had "ancestors" who were also Everlastings prior to her, who date back as early as 2008. Not much is known about them, other than the possibility that that may be a part of Mary's family tree.

Haunted Mirrors

During the Halloween releases of October 2015, Big Viking Games released animated haunted mirror items, where an image of Mary's spirit would appear and disappear. These were the very first official items in-game to be inspired by the game's urban legend.

The Mystery of Mary Everlasting (Event)

On October 18th, 2015, Big Viking Games began an event in YoWorld about solving the mystery of Mary Everlasting. The event lasted from October 18th - 31st. The event even included a theme based off of the game's urban legend.

YoWorld - The Mystery of Mary Everlasting-0

YoWorld - The Mystery of Mary Everlasting-0