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"Prepare to enter the dark tales of the unknown..."

Paranormal YoWorld (Formerly known as Paranormal YoVille) is a fan series, that is hosted on the YoWorld Forums every October. The series features stories collected from various players who play YoWorld. The stories being of things that seem bizarre or supernatural. The stories are strictly based on things that occur in-game, like unexplained phenomena that naturally would not occur in-game. The stories are stated to be all true, but most of the phenomena could be explained as glitches, cheats, pranks, though some stories are just too hard to explain.

Most of the stories revolve around players seeing strange things in-game. Such as ghosts, weird things that may seem impossible or unexplainable, and dark horrific things things that have happened to players in YoWorld.

The Series was cancelled just before airing it's second season, "Paranormal YoWorld: Tales of the Dark Book", due to lack of popularity.

Paranormal YoVille (Season 1 - 2013)

Here is the list of descriptions given to the stories of season 1. The full stories have been posted on the YoWorld forums.

First Thread

  • The Blue Man: Linda purchases a famous whiteboard, and places it in her room. It had the painting of a blue man. After owning it for a while, she believes that the painting may be watching her...
  • The New Apartment: A new player begins to rent a new home. After a while he begins to realize that he may not be alone in the home. After seeing what might of been ghosts, this player questions the owner of the home, in search of answers to the history of this house.

Second Thread

  • The Little Boy: Sally is just another normal YoVille player. But something has been bothering her, everywhere she goes, she sees this strange little boy, or at least a player who looks like one. In search of answers, she finds something that leaves her absolutely speechless.
  • The Evil Imaginary Clown: A player adopts a YoBaby to see that they have a very, special imaginary friend. After playing a few games with the YoBaby, this player then begins to realize that this imaginary friend might not be as imaginary as she thought...

Third Thread

  • A Ghostly Possession: This story was told from two different point of views, Luna and Macy are very good friends. Macy is dared into adopting a YoBaby, after having the YoBaby around for a while, strange things begin to happen. The YoBaby develops new behaviors, Macy and Luna later find out that the famous ghost and urban legend, Mary Everlasting may have something to do with it.

Paranormal YoWorld: Tales of the Dark Book (Season 2 - 2014)

Here is a full list of descriptions given to the stories of season 2. The full stories will be posted on the YoWorld forums this October.


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