This page is for any of the old Did-You-Knows! This page is a good read because you can learn a fair bit of interesting information about YoVille on here, and over time this page will build up as new Did-You-Knows are posted!

  • When you walk over the Beach, your footsteps are recorded in the sand, and little foot marks are left where you've walked over.
  • VIP was considered for the game even before Zynga owned it.
  • In 2009 developers actually increased the difficulty of the Speedway, saying it was too easy to win.
  • The salon replaced the yoworld gym.
  • You can still get to the outside of the yoville gym by an link but not on the inside.
  • Dream beach is an old beach that was unrealsed by zynga and only people with the link could get to it.
  • Did you know that those avatars behind the counters at Yoworld stores do in fact have offical names. Some are Riley,Pat, Terry,Pete and Vinny.