Pets is a feature introduced in January 2009. The idea is that the player can buy a pet and then play with that pet. There are only 3 coin pets, with all the others being YoCash. The Parrot, Chinchilla and Goldfish are all 2,000c each. 

Pets have developed over time. It started with the basic pets that could perform very limited tricks, but then you could feed your pets, and then Smart Pets were released in 2010. These Smart Pets would be bought as a young pet and you can watch it grow into an adult. Pet Licences were also brought out in 2010, allowing players to pay to be able to take their pets out of the house into public zones and other people's houses. The feature seemed to be abandoned in 2011/12, because only one new pet was released in those two years. However, since the Big Viking Games takeover, more pets have been released into the game.

Pets can be bought from the Pet Shelter, otherwise known as Pete's Pets.