Photo Game1

The Photo Game was added in 2009. This feature allowed players to take photos in game using a camera the game provided. With each film, a player was able to take up to three photos. The maximum amount of film you are allowed to have are five. After you use them all up, you will have to wait a while for them to regenerate.


By taking photos, you can be awarded a few YoCoins, as well as a few Experience Points. The reward is determined by how well you take each photo. You get rewarded higher for things as simple as having your avatar face the camera. You also get rewarded for having more than one player in the frame, not counting NPCs. The more players and items you have in the shot, the higher the reward.


  • Back when this feature was initially released, players were able to save each photo they took and upload them to, however the feature was broken, then never fixed. Later on, the site itself was shut down.
  • Players use this feature as a way to make more Experience Points and YoCoins. This is done by combining as many items possible at focused area. The items must be overlapped. Then the players take a photo with the items. Players use this to get as many Experience Points as possible. This also allows for a faster regeneration of Films. Certain players host Photo Op events where other players can come and have this experience.

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