Poker Dice Cover

Poker Dice is a game available at the Lucky Casino. The game was introduced to the casino on January 14, 2016.

The game allows players to try their luck by rolling a total of five dice. On the side, the payouts for the game can be seen. Players can win different amount of YoCoins or YoCash depending on the combination that comes out.


Poker Dice (Lucky Casino)

Poker Dice Playscreen

Hand Probability Pay-out Example
5 of a Kind 0.08% x50 Q Q Q Q Q
High Straight 1.55% x6 A K Q J 10
Low Straight 1.55% x5 K Q J 10 9
4 of a Kind 1.93% x4 10 10 10 10
Full House 3.86% x3 A A Q Q Q
3 of a Kind 15.43% x2 J J J
2 Pair 23.15% x1 K K A A