Poker Dice Cover

The cover for the game.

Poker Dice is a game available at the Lucky Casino. The game was introduced to the casino on January 14, 2016. The game allows players to try their luck by rolling a total of five dice. On the side, the payouts for the game can be seen. Players can win different amount of YoCoins or YoCash depending on the combination that comes out.


  • Poker Dice (Lucky Casino)

    A screen shot of what the play screen looks like.

    5 of a Kind - If such a combination was to come out, where all of the dice match, the player would win fifty times (50x) their original bet's worth.
  • High Straight - Getting this kind of combination will win the player six times (6x) their original bet's worth.
  • 4 of a Kind - Getting such a combination, where four of the dice match, would win the player four times (4x) their original bet.
  • Full House - Getting this combination would win the player three times (3x) their original bet.
  • 3 of a Kind - With this combination, a player would get two times (2x) their original bet.
  • 2 Pair - With this kind of combination, the player would get to win what they bet.

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