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These are non-player character and not what real Price Jackers would look like!

Price Jacker is YoWorld slang phrase, where a YoWorlder, or group of YoWorlders who try to use manipulative techniques to raise the prices of specific items in the YoEconomy. Price jacking is fairly popular these days. The most price jacked items are usually items from around 2008 and 2009, because they are old items that not many people have. The more price jackers there are the higher the cost of older items will increase. Our advice? Don't support price jackers, and the prices of items can remain fairer for other people.

Your item, your price

Your item, your price is a phrase that has been spoken in YoWorld from the very beginning. People tend to use this as the excuse when it comes to Price Jacking an item. In reality, people have the right to name any price they want for an item that is rightfully theirs, but when they try to raise the price of this item on the YoEconomy, then it's considered Price Jacking.

Price Guides

Presently, there are numerous rumours spreading about price guides, many claim that price guides are owned by price jackers - although this is unknown if it is true. Since many players follow price guides its easy for price guide owners to control the price and the YoEconomy. Although as said before, it is likely that this is not true in any way.

The Destruction of the Price Jackers.

In 2013, Zynga began to re-release plenty of old themes. Only a few selected items and costumes from each theme were released. Then Zynga re-released Halloween 2009. Some of the original 2008 costumes were included in these releases, so the prices were slashed down in just a matter of seconds. The Price Jacking community began to fall, as the prices of other yet to be re-released 08 costumes were dropping as well, due to the fear that those may be re-released again too. Now a few of the 08 items became worthless, crippling the Price Jacking community.

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