The report pop-up that appears when you click on a player and click "Report Player".

The Reporting feature is believed to have come out in early 2009. It meant that players could click on another player and report them for breaking the rules. It used to be that players would manually type in a reason for reporting, but in 2010 that was updated to give a selection of different reasons to choose from.

  • Profanity
  • Spam
  • Physical Threat
  • Suicide Threat
  • Soliciting Cash/Coins

The problem with these different reasons to report is that they don't cover everything. For example, computer vandals and scammers can't be reported, unless you report them for one of the other reasons.

Whiteboards and other drawable items can also be reported, something that was introduced later in the game. Picture frames are reportable as well, if they break the rules. Events can also be reported via the red button next to the event name.

Any major reporting should be sent to Big Viking Games by email, along with screenshots and a detailed explanation.