Around January 11, 2014, Zynga announced its plans to shut down YoVille on March 31, 2014. This began what might just have been the largest movement in the history of YoVille. It was a fight to save the game, and the YoVillians were restless.


It all started shortly after the official shut down announcement was made both in-game and on the YoVille Forums. The news got out that Big Viking Games, the company that originally created and sold YoVille to Zynga, was interested in "entertaining the possibilities" of buying the game back from Zynga, in order to save the game from shut down. To show their support to Big Viking Games, many YoVillians sported outfits from the Vikings Theme. Protests were held almost daily in every part of YoVille, and everyone dressed as a Viking.

Protesting Events

Every day of the week, each protest began to have a different theme. The week after the protests started, was the week that color coded protests came to be. Each day was a different colored protest, the idea was so that YoVillians sported only one color to each protest, at a pink protest, everyone protesting would wear pink, same rules applied for the other color protests.

Other protests had other special themes, there was a barrel protest, in which all of the protesters wore Barrel Costumes. There was also a Magical Herb Protest, in which every player protested as a goblin, as a result of consuming the Magical Herb. There were also Mafia protests, held on multiple occasions. Doctors and Nurses protests, as well as Alice in Wonderland protests. At one point, a Steampunk protest was also held.

March 5th Announcement

On March 5, 2013, it was announced by Zynga and Big Viking Games, that Zynga and Big Viking Games will be continuing talks about possibly selling YoVille to Big Viking Games, and as a result, they confirmed that they will not be shutting down the game on March 31, as originally planned.