These are the rules of this wiki.


1. Treat others with courtesy and respect while on the wiki.

2, No vandalism. The first time you vandalize a page you will receive a warning. The second time will be a 24 hour ban and the third time your IP will be banned permanently from editing the wiki.

3. Chat is monitored closely. Any harassment, abuse or bad language will result in being banned from chat. If no admin is currently active on chat please message an administrator if there is somebody breaking any rules and an administrator will take action.

4. No adult material on the wiki. This includes but is not limited to adult language, sexual material, discussion of crimes, hacking and adult jokes.

5. No advertising on the wiki!

6. The YoWorld wiki is an independent site to inform YoWorld players. Do not post content relating to other YoWorld fan sites, although they can be discussed positively in Chat/Forums. Discussing non-Big Viking Games is prohibited and will be removed if identified.

7. No linking to social media accounts, but you can link your social media accounts on your user page.

8. You're not allowed to impersonate; celebrities, YoWorld Wiki STAFF , Zynga STAFF, Big Viking Games STAFF or any YoWorld player/s.

9. You're not allowed to sell unreleased or removed items, short-time released items do not qualify.

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