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The San Francisco theme was a special 1 week theme released in May 2012, to celebrate YoVille's 4th Anniversary. The house included many famous San Francisco streets and the furniture and clothing were of a contemporary fashion. Iconic places in SF could be seen, including the Golden Gate bridge. The idea of this theme was to celebrate the place that made YoVille so big.

The theme itself had mixed reviews. Some people loved it, while others questioned why we had a mainly Zynga theme instead of a YoVille theme, and many found the clothing to be dull and boring.

One set of costumes released were the Gay Pride costumes. This surprisingly upset some people, but overall respect for Zynga went through the roof for releasing this costumes, which included the "NO H8" makeup. It showed the Zynga can make some bold, possibly risky designs, but people loved the fact that the devs showed respect.

The items were removed after the week, but no items really took off price-wise. There was a clothing mystery box for YoCash that had some "YoVille" accessories in, and these are worth a bit of money.

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