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An NPC - Embodying a scammer.

Scammers are YoWorlders who like to steal YoCoins, or YoCash from other YoWorlders, usually by trading or misuse of trust. Scamming has been around since the start of the game. Though there is no particular answer as to why people scam others, possible reasons are because they think it's easy money and it's human instinct to seek methods to get an advantage without doing any work.

Scams to be cautious of

Here are some examples of scamming:

  • Doubling YoCoins: This scam is done by using the trading feature, some say they can double your coins but instead they take them and disappear.
  • Room Renting: This has been proven to be a scam and is still done today. A scammer lets you "rent" a house or room then they add you as a buddy, you pay for the room a few times then about a few days later they unfriend you, now you have no access to them in any way, so they keep your money and "rent" the room to another person.
  • Fake Items: Some scammers use cheats to make a starter item look like another, making people believe that the item they sell is real. This was one of the more popular ways of scamming. However, most of these hacks were fixed after Big Viking Games bought the game.
  • Item Resemblance: This scam has been around since 08, what happens is that a scammer offers to sell you an item for a certain amount of coins, but wile in-trade, the scammer places another item that resembles the item you were promised, the item placed in the trade is usually a cheaper item than the one you were expecting, and sometimes holds a striking resemblance to the offered item. To avoid this, make sure that the item placed in the trade window, is the very same item that was originally offered to you.
  • Best Gift Wins: This is still done, but less often now. It's a fake contest where people have to send the owner expensive gifts and at the end, the best gift wins the big prize, but after you send the gift the owner kicks you out. You won nothing but a kick, and you lost an expensive item. Many players who committed these scams, were banned after Big Viking Games bought the game.
  • Auction House Scam: This scam is very new and revolves around YoCash Dealers, so now that YoCash sales were added to the auction house, scammers have been tricking YoCash Dealers into buying them a YoCash item in the auction house, but the item they want already belongs to them, so in the end the scammer runs off with the YoCash that the YoCash Dealer used to pay for the item and the YocCash Dealer stays with the scammers item.
  • Fake Newbies: People dress up as if they're new and beg for free items. This rarely works but is still done, most can be seen at events labeled "I'm new please help" or things similar in that nature.

How to avoid scammers

  • If an item is being sold at a price that is too good to be true, it mostly is. Though there is a small chance that the seller could be an anti-price jacker so not all hope is lost. Caution is advised.
  • Don't go to any event that rents houses or rooms. They are always scams!
  • If you think that the owner of the event could be a scammer then it's better not to buy anything from the event at all.
  • When it comes to trading, you must always be aware what item is being placed in trade, also be aware that the seller is not replacing the item. Always look twice and don't jump into hasty decisions.