Bank Exterior

The Bank is a place on the YoWorld map where players can buy or sell stocks. It is located on the corner between the Salon and Clothing Store.


Before the bank became a link to the stock market, it used to be a place where players could exchange their YoCash for either YoCoins or Neighbors.

The Bank offered less YoCoins for YoCash than what the YoCash rates where set up by the players.

Bank 2

A screenshot of the interior of the Bank.

You used to be able to do the following:

  • Exchange 2 YoCash for 1 Neighbor
  • Exchange 1 YoCash for 100 coins.

It also had a link that took you to the "Buy YoCash" page.

On August 11 2015 the stock feature was brought into Yoworld. The inside was getting rid of and now when you click on the arrow outside it pops up the stock window.

After an update, an in-game character, Barbara stands outside the bank telling you about the Stock Market.

Exclusive Concept Art

Below are four original artworks of the YoVille Bank, back before the game's release. Bank B bears the closest resemblance to the final design. Images courtesy of Big Viking Games. Images are dated 20th January 2008.

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