Blue Demon

The original Blue Man Whiteboard. Received from a user who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Blue Man, also known as The Blue Demon, or Rich People's Curse is a story that dates back to the year of 2009 in YoWorld. The story revolves around a painting, in the form of whiteboard art, many believe to be cursed, or haunted. While very little is known about it's true origin, and while it is confirmed that the whiteboard does in fact exist, there are only stories and speculation as to it's exact place or source of creation.

Typically, most stories revolve around a new player in 2009 who created the board and gifted it to a richer player as an act of revenge, after the new YoWorlder felt that he had been mistreated by the richer player. It is a popular theory that only the rich can see the true phantom within the board.

As the name implies, the image on the board depicts the portrait of a blue male-like or possibly gender-less figure. It is not known if the figure is supposed to represent a real person or if it's just some made up anomaly. The background of the image consists of an unsettling pattern of blue and purple colors, while the subject appears to be in pain or despair, and sporting what appears to be a black suit and tie, or something similar.

Current state

No one is really sure if the stories are real or not. Today, some speculate that this painting is worth millions, due to is creepy reputation. This legend has also been referred to as the Rich People's Curse due to the fact that it's believed that the entity that supposedly haunts the painting only shows itself to wealthier players. The painting was purchased by the YoWorld Wiki in late 2014.