Blue Demon

The original Blue Man Whiteboard. Received from a user who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Blue Man 
also known as The Blue Demon, or Rich People's Curse is a story that dates back to the year of 2009 in YoWorld. The story revolves around a painting, in the form of whiteboard art, many believe to be cursed, or haunted. While very little is known about it's true origin, and while it is confirmed that the whiteboard does in fact exist, there are only stories and speculation as to it's exact place or source of creation.

Typically, most stories revolve around a new player in 2009 who created the board and gifted it to a richer player as an act of revenge, after the new YoWorlder felt that he had been mistreated by the richer player. It is a popular theory that only the rich can see the true phantom within the board.

As the name implies, the image on the board depicts the portrait of a blue male-like or possibly genderless figure. It is not known if the figure is supposed to represent a real person or if it's just some made up anomaly. The background of the image consists of an unsettling pattern of blue and purple colors, while the subject appears to be in pain or despair, and sporting what appears to be a black suit and tie, or something similar

The story

The legend dates back to the year of 2009, around Christmas. It was said that a newbie was gifting random players at the Alton Towers, he was not gifting anything special, he was gifting mostly freebies. When he saw a group of richer players, he decided to walk over and start a conversation, it started off a little rough, the richer YoVillians were making fun of him and calling him names, such as the popular word, noob. The leader of the group, was a girl, some people claim her name was Cindy, others believe her name was Candice. He sent her a friend request, she accepted it, but she was really the reason he was being made fun of. He wanted them to be his friends, so he gifted them a few freebies, they made so much fun of him. More and more Yovillians started to join in and laugh at him, this made him very upset. He said that all of the rich Yovillians will pay for how they treat the newer players, and with that that disappeared. He had a white board in his inventory, he had bought it not so long before, he drew his feelings out on the white board, when he was done he was looking at a terrifying painting, a blue man, with a horrified look on his face! The blue man had black soul-less eyes, with a wide open mouth. The blue man was also wearing a black suit. The painting looked as though it was about to come to life, then the newbie got an idea, a very very scary idea. He sent the picture the leader girl of the group, he remembered she had accepted his buddy request, so he could get to her home, when he went over, he left the painting as a gift. She messaged him back and told him that the painting was ugly, and that she was going to hang it up in her living room so that it could scare away any other noobs who visited her. He visited her in order to see if it was true, and it was, the painting was sitting dead-center of the room. He was so upset still, he left. 

She was logging in and was now planning to erase the painting of the blue man, when she made in into game, right as she was going to click on the white board, a player appeared right next to it. He was blue and looked very similar to the blue man in the painting, it is said that his skin could be a rentable skin, and his eyes, were black, just as the painting and the player was also wearing a black suit, as in the painting. He also had no hair, Candice, thought it was just a glitch, and disregarded it, then she saw the resemblance in the two men, she took a screen shot and sent it to support, they then responded by saying that it was just a glitch. The blue man was gone for a few days, as Candice logged in, she saw the blue man once again next to the painting, she got worried. She messaged the newbie, and asked him about the painting, she explained what was going on, all he told her was, to get rid of the painting, to sell it for a very high price, then apologize to him, before the haunting became even worse. She did, and sold the painting for 1,000,000 YoCoins, passing it off as a haunted painting. The newer owner had similar experiences, he too was rich, but he never thought anything big about it. But the longer he had the painting, the worse the experiences began to get, it got to the point to were the blue man actually moved around the room, then around the house, soon his friends began seeing him too, whether they were in the same room as the painting or not, the guy then sold the painting, for 5,000,000 YoCoins.

Current state

No one is really sure if the stories are real or not. Today, some speculate that this painting is worth millions, due to is creepy reputation. This legend has also been referred to as the Rich People's Curse due to the fact that it's believed that the entity that supposedly haunts the painting only shows itself to wealthier players. The painting was purchased by the YoWorld Wiki in late 2014, and is currrently being studied.

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