This crash took place back when YoWorld was still YoVille. On YoVille's 5th anniversary celebration. Zynga re-released about seven different older themes, those of which contained rare expensive items. At the re-releasing of these items, it caused a dramatic crash in the YoEconomy. Items that were worth more than a million YoCoins, dropped to as low as 200,000 YoCoins.

Debating of the Forums

The forums were being flooded with non-stop complaints on the re-releases. Many people were loving the return of old items, but then there were those who did not. Many threatened to quit playing YoVille while others were coming back to play the game again, due to all of the re-releases.

Effect of the Crash

There were many effects this crash left, including a raise in the YoCash rates, Yocash Dealers raised the price of YoCash to as expensive as 30,000 coins per YoCash.