Trading 2.0

How the trading window looked after October 1st, 2015.

Trading has been here since the start of the game. It is arguably the biggest and most used feature in YoWorld. It lets two players trade coins and items with each other.

On October 1, 2014, Big Viking Games updated the trading feature in YoWorld, naming it Trading 2.0.

How it works

In the trade window, your inventory loads at the left. You scroll through (or use the search bar), until you find the item you are trading. You then drag it into the grey boxes area and its added. You can add a limit of 12 items in each trade. There are also bars where you can type in how much YoCash or how many coins you would like to give to the person you are trading with. Whilst trading you can chat, using the chat box in the bottom left.

Did you know?

  • Trading

    How the original trading window in YoWorld looked like, before October 1st, 2014.

    It can be believed that only around 1% of YoWorldians have NEVER used the trading feature, meaning

99% have at some point in their YoWorld lives. Trading is extremely useful as it is the key to getting items that are no longer in stores.

  • Trading can also be seen as the gateway to riches. If used to the player's advantage, lots of money can be made out of trading by buying items for a low value, and selling them for higher, making a profit.
  • Throughout YoWorld's history, trading has been targeted by hackers. There have been many occasions of hackers being able to trade fake coins or fake items for their own greed. This however, it no longer possible.

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