Trading 2.0 was introduces on October 1, 2014, replacing the old trading feature. With it, came the ability to trade YoCash, a feature which was not available in the older version. All YoCash trades take a 10% commission from the YoCash sale. YoWorlders still hav the ability to trade YoCoins at no charge with this feature.

Trading 2.0 also includes a chat box, so that both trading parties can chat while they trade, photos of both players are displayed at the site, as well as thier names.

When you hoover over an item in the trade it tells you what it is, what item type it is and whether it is in the store or not. BEWARE. The Vikings are failures atm and have not managed to put all in store items under yes causing many people to be scammed. BEWARE!


Coming soon.

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