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Valentine's Day 2013 was the latest theme to celebrate the holiday. It is the fourth year a Valentine's Day theme has been made, with the first one in 2009. The theme was, of course, released in February 2013, following on from the Flapper theme. There wasn't a particular theme to this year's holiday celebrations, just hearts and love. 

The theme was actually fairly cramped into the week of Valentine's Day, with four different outfits being released on consecutive days, a YoVille first.

This year's theme received many positive reviews, although some people thought it was a shame that not as much effort had gone into this theme compared to Valentine's Day 2012, where the YoVille devs really did a good job.

The theme was removed from stores shortly after Valentine's Day was over, and now many of the items are actually popular amongst traders because not many people picked them up while they were in store.

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