Vinny's Diner 2

The Diner's updated look.

Vinny's Diner

The old exterior of the Diner.

Vinny's Diner is a location on the YoWorld map. It currently has no real use in the game, but it has been an important restaurant in the past. 

The Diner was the main place to buy food items to get energy back in 2008 - 2010. This energy was used to perform actions. Vinny's had several food items for sale, but when the energy system was removed, there was no need for this restaurant. Despite this, Vinny's Diner still acts as a popular place for YoWorldian's to meet and chat.

On July 24th, 2014, Vinny's Diner was given a new look.

Items that were Sold at Vinny's

Please note that none of these items are available at the Diner. The list below are only some of the items sold at Vinny's. It lists their prices and the amount of energy the player received from consuming them.

  • Apple - 1 coin - 2 energy
  • Sandwich - 5 coins - 6 energy
  • Soda - 2 coins - 3 energy
  • Ice Cream - 3 coins - 3 energy
  • Hot Dog - 3 coins - 4 energy
  • Pizza - 4 coins - 5 energy

Vinny's Phrases

Now that Vinny's Diner is no longer used, Vinny has nothing to do. If clicked on, he says phrases that encourage the player to add neighbours.

Vinny's Diner 2

The old Interior of the Diner.


  • "Vinny's Diner" was named after the artist Vince Chui who drew the scene.

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