Widget Factory Exterior

The Exterior of the Widget Factory.

The Widget Factory is the predecessor to the Sweets Factory. At the Widget Factory, players may work for coins once every 6 hours. There are four different job options, with different experience and coin rewards for each. A player also gains a coin bonus on a job depending on his or her crew size - the larger the crew, the more coins. Additionally, a player may request assistance for crew members to help him or her get even more coins for that job. For a while, the Sweets Factory replaced the Widget Factory, but due to a survey taken by Zynga, the Widget Factory was more preferred, and it was put back in the spot.

Clocking In

As you clock in, you also have the ability to add neighbors as Factory Workers, or Crew. Each Crew
Widget Factory Interior

The Interior of the Widget Factory.

Member can earn you up a bonus of 200 YoCoins each. You may only have up to 4 crew members, and you can only add them as crew if you send your friend a request for it through Facebook. It is not known if it is still possible to send this this request. You have to fuel your crew Hot Dogs in order for them to be able to work. Each crew member consumes 1 Hot Dog everytime you log in. So if you have a full crew, you would have to collect 4 Hot Dogs every time you want to clock in. You can also clock in without feeding your crew, but you won't earn the 200 YoCoin bonus from any of them.


You can also get promoted at the Factory, the more neighbors you have, the more chances you get of having a promotion. Higher promotions give you more YoCoins.

  • Apprentice - 1
  • Worker - 2
  • Supervisor - 5
  • Engineer - 10
  • Line Manager - 20
  • Factory Manager - 35
  • Vice President - 50


  • Through YoWorld's History the name of the Factory has changed from Widget Factory, to YoWorld Factory, even to simply the Factory. Given the fact that widgets, gadgets, and furniture can be produced here, the Widget Factory is the most accepted name.
  • To this day the Factory's two owners remain anomalous and unknown. Historically, they have been mentioned by other characters in special events through the game, and character sketches were found on one of the prior developer's pages.
  • At one point, the Factory was revamped and temporarily became the Sweets Factory.
  • Originally, multiple players could gather in the factory, and it was the second most popular location to hang out on the map, besides the Alton Towers. Now, players get their own, private server in the Factory.
  • The Factory exterior has been one of the most common places for protest in YoWorld. The Alton Towers is also another popular location for this activity.

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