Yo-Independence Day, also known as YoVikings Day, is an annual YoWorld holiday celebrated the 13th of May every year. Some would call this YoWorld's second birth date, as it is the day that YoVille was reborn as YoWorld.

On this day the YoWorlders remember the historic fight they put up in order to save YoWorld from dying. Many special things are done on that day, such as parties and celebration. Many groups hold special parades as well.


On that day it is tradition to wear Viking attire, and act like a Viking. The Viking costumes represent the restless spirits of the YoWorlders. Viking costumes were also sported during the fight to save YoVille as a way to support Big Viking Games. Parties are also thrown on that day.

Another popular event are the many parades thrown on that day. Players walk around town in very big flashy ride-ables, such as cars, boats, and even animals. This idea was presented by a forumer on the original forums, the "YoVille Forums". The idea was liked by many people.