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A picture of what a real Yobaby would look like.

Yobabies, also known as YoBwabies, are players who role play as babies in YoWorld. Yobabies have become a popular trend in YoWorld over the years. They usually sport light pink and blue pajamas which represents that they're YoBabies. Over the years, players in YoWorld have developed both fear and hatred towards players who consider themselves YoBabies.

Their language

Pink pajamas

Pink Pajamas

Most of the times, a YoBaby will add unnecessary W's in practically every word they speak. Its meant to sound like baby-talk, but it tends to get on everyone's nerves. At times, it can become fairly hard to even understand what they are saying. Here are some examples of common phrases spoken by YoBabies who use the false baby language.
  • I nweed a mwommy (I Need a Mommy)
  • I nweed a dwaddy (I need a Daddy)
  • Pwetty pwetty pwease? (Pretty pretty please?)
  • And of course you can't forget their contstant crying! "WAAAAAAAAAA!!"


The behavior of the YoBaby really depends on who it is. There are some YoBabies who are more "mature" than others. Some don't speak with w's in every word. Most would describe YoBabies as being very childish. Many of them, but not all, are known to be beggars. Most YoBabies are extreme in terms of irritating others. Many simply love to pester people to adopt them. Most Yobabies are scammers; once you give them items of their choice, they'd leave you, change their names, erase you from their friend lists and hunt down for new victims. You see, we are their prey. They go about looking for rich YoWorlders; usually all the time. If you ever see a YoBaby, do not take what is known as the Trust Test. It is a scam that can make you lose loads of cool items. If you ever meet a YoBaby urging you to give them items in exchange for being his or her child, that YoBaby is not worthy.

Dressing styles

Blue pajamas

Blue Pajamas

Yobabies Prefer to Sport baby colored light clothing. Many female Yobabies like to wear pink pajamas, some boy Yobabies prefer to wear the blue colored pajamas. They usually wear starter hair and don't really have any accessories. 

Where to find a YoBaby

Many Yobabies can be found in the streets of YoWorld looking for families. Some can be found roaming events, as well as creating events in search for parents to adopt them.

Possible scam?

In the past years many now realize that when it comes to Yobabies, its usually a scam. Yobabies look for families in order to obtain free items, sadly this is usually true. This is one of the main reasons no one really like to adopt Yobabies any more. But there is always a good Yobaby who wont care for free items, you just have to find them!

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