YoCash Fairies, also known as YoCash Angels, or YoCash Pixies, are good forces said to gift YoCash to YoWorlders. The ability to gift YoCash came with the new ability to buy it directly from Big Viking Games, using your player identification number (Player ID). YoCash Fairies are able to purchase YoCash for other accounts by using the player ID, meaning anyone could gift anyone YoCash. On August 27, 2014, the biggest demonstration of YoCash gifting took place, on the YoWorld Forums.


What makes YoCash Fairies so mysterious, is that they don't reveal who they are. When someone buys another person YoCash, that person is not told who its from. Normally, someone would log into their accounts to find that YoCash has mysteriously been credited to them. This means that the player might have been visited by a fairy. Unless the fairy wants to reveal themselves, the player does not find out who it is that visited them.

August 27, 2014

On this date, many YoWorlders woke up to find YoCash in their accounts, that they were sure was not there before. Many believe that this was all the work of one person, threads were posted thanking this person, and eventually, other parts of the forum community were pulled in. Soon, many people began to receive gifts from YoCash Fairies.

There were so many thankful threads, that they heavily outnumbered the normal threads that day. This caused happiness to spread through the forums, eventually more and more people decided to join and gift other's YoCash.

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