The old YoCoins icon, from 2008 and 2009.

YoCoins are a form of virtual currency that players use in the game to purchase items, furniture, and many other collectibles. YoCoins were the initial currency when YoWorld was initially released. Another form of virtual currency, YoCash, was introduced later on. However, YoCash was not meant to replace YoCoins. YoCash is used to purchase premium items.


YoCoins are presented as small golden coins with a "Y" carved into them. It is presumed that the side with the Y on it is the head (front) of the coin, its not known if the tail (back) looks any different.

How to get them

Unlike YoCash, there are many easy ways to get YoCoins!

You can get this YoCoins in many ways:

  • Collect your Daily Log-In Bonus
  • Work in the factory
  • Do Jobs
  • Visit your neighbours everyday
  • Race in the Speedway
  • Participate in Game Events such as Pageants, Eliminations, and 4 Corners
  • Go to some "Maxing" Events and get maxed by playing tic tac toe / rock paper scissors
  • Play YoFish!
  • Sell Items 
  • Take Photos 

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