YoFish 2

The Go Fish game

YoFish is a mini-game that was released into YoWorld in 2009. The mini-game involves you and your friends (as non-player characters) competing in a small fishing competition. As your character casts their line into the water, you must wait for any big fish to pass by. The bigger the fish, the more points you get! There is a large variety of fish to catch. At the end of the game, if you win in first place you get rewarded with 100 coins.


  • Choose your bait. Fish prefer worms to a hook and minnows to worms.
  • To cast, hold down the mouse button and release when the meter displays your desired distance.
  • To reel in a fish or reel in your line, click and hold the mouse button.
  • To let out more line or tease your line, click the mouse button once.
  • Avoid sharks! They take your bait, eat your catch and generally make you miserable.
  • The bigger the fish, the more points you get! The Marlow (large blue fish) is always worth the most points so aim for that one if you can.


There are currently two types of bait that you can buy and use while fishing: the Bait Worm and the Bait Minnow. If you have bait on your line it makes it easier to catch fish, the Minnow is much more effective than the Worm. Watch out for sharks, they will take your bait!

  • Bait Worm (5 coins)
  • Bait Minnow (10 coins)

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