Some of the benefits of YoVille VIP.

YoVille VIP is a feature that was introduced in July 2012. It allows the player to pay $17.99 a month to subscribe as a VIP. 


  • Free Hair from first release of each theme
  • Exclusive Furniture OR Exclusive Clothing
  • 15 free YoCash per week
  • Discounts on certain furniture and clothing
  • Special gifts given at random times

VIP Gold Membership

After being a VIP member for three consecutive months, you automatically become a Gold Member. This gets you added benefits including:

  • An extra 5 YoCash per week
  • Free hair from the first AND second release of each theme
  • Access to exclusive furniture and clothing
  • More special gifts


  • This VIP feature is different to the one previously suggested in YoVille in 2008 / 09.
  • Buying VIP still doesn't allow access to the exclusive "VIP zone" of the Furniture Store, although players can buy VIP exclusive furniture.