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The (unofficial) new 2013 logo, and name.

YoWay Airlines, also known as YoCustoms Airlines was founded in 2009, under their other name - Yoville International Airlines. The current CEO of the airline is, Night YoVillian. The Airline has re-opened operations as of 5/19/13, and has continued flying under their new name YoWays International Airlines. The logo has not yet been decided. 

YoWays Intl Airlines Fleet & Destinations 

Fleet Destination
Boeing 777 Australia, China, Dubai, Singapore
Airbus 380 China, Germany, Brazil, France
Concorde  London, Cancun, Mexico, Italy,  Bahamas
A320 Texas, Los Angeles, Los Vegas 

Ticket Price and Operations 

The airline works on a first come and first serve basis. It is 100% free. They have: excutive first class, business class, and economy class seating on a majority of their flights. These flights (depending on the destination), can last for a good hour. All participants arrive at the airport, in which they check in, do a security check, and wait in their corresponding lounges until take off. Once the plane is in the air they are free to roam around or do as they please. 

The current hub for YoWays is Freedom City Airport . They were previously known as YoVille International Airlines until 05-15-2012, and YoCustom Airlines until 5/19/13. They had fully renovated their planes and changed their name to YoCustoms by 05-18-2012. During 05-12-2012, they had asked customers what they'd like to see the new airline renamed, and it was chosen that YoCustoms was the best name. On 5/19/13, the airline announced their 3rd new name and logo. They chose YoWays International Airlines. 

YoCustoms also use to run a Train service (YoCustom Trains),and a cruise line service (YoCustom Cruises) up until 07-02-2012. 

They use to fly to Denmark, India, Korea, Algiers, but ceased operations in these cities. 

Please contact Night YoVillian, if you would like to work with YoWays, or purchase a ticket on the next flight - free of charge, of course. YoVille International Airlines did have a website, while it was up. 

New Name and Logo Announcement: 2013

On 5/19/13 it was announced that the new airlines logo and name was being decided, and the forumers got to choose the new logo. YoWays was the name that was selected by the Marketing staff for the airline. 

Their 2012 logo: 

2012 logo with old name, YoCustoms.

YoWays International Airlines: Flight 7720 Crash

During their first flight under their new name YoWays, flight 7720 (concorde) en-route to the Bahamas had a massive explosion in the back of the plane. This explosion sent the plane hurtling towards the earth. It hit the ocean just a few miles of the Takoya Islands. Survivors huttled onto the island and survived for days until rescue came. 

The airline has NOT released an offical statement. 


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