YoWorld Flag

YoWorld's Flag

YoWorld is a world inhabited by diverse species of beings known as YoWorlders, as well as other types of creatures. The actual location of this world, is currently unknown. The inhabitants of YoWorld apparently have access to a highly advanced and diverse range of technologies, and magical capabilities.


Over the course of years now YoWorld has developed a culture of it's own, even it's own economy. YoWorld's culture, is also constantly evolving. It's a culture that thrives on new themes and ideas. YoWorld's always undergoing a new theme, where stores are updated with new items for that particular theme. Given the nature and technologies needed to accomplish these themes, evidence supports that YoWorlders are able to replicate virtually any type of technology, hinting them to be very sophisticated in terms of technologies. It is also evident that Viking-like culture has played a semi-influential role in YoWorld, especially in more recent years. However, that is only a minimum.

Role-playing, decorating homes, buying and selling, and dressing up are just a few of the activities YoWorlders enjoy. Evidently, YoWorld is very advanced in cosmetic sciences, since YoWorlders are able to go as far as to even alter the colors, tones, and textures of their complexion, hair, and various other aspects of their corporeal form. Some even go as far as to transform themselves into entirely different creatures. It is believed that magic can also play a role when it comes to YoWorld cosmetics. The types of themes released support that YoWorld try to balance technologies, magic, and science. Their magic, science, and technologies, are constantly rapidly advancing.


YoWorld's economy, better known as the YoEconomy, is something that constantly changes as well. The amount of currency circulating within this world dictates the state of it's economy. Currently, there are two forms of currencies. YoCoins, which are common, and most often used, being the most abundant form of currency within YoWorld. Then there's YoCash, which is a more premium form of currency.

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