A picture of Le Cafe - A RolePlay Business

YoWorld Businesses are businesses that sell, trade or offer services to people. They have been here since the start of the game. In the recent years, businesses have grown to provide people services and products to help people and other businesses.

Roleplay Businesses

These were the first businesses to emerge in YoWorld, these businesses are only done for fun. They are usually very cheap, you do not get any benefits as they are just for roleplay. Following are a few RP Businesses in YoWorld:

  • Hospitals: Usually free, hospitals have doctors and nurses helping patients who have imaginary diseases.
  • Daycare: Leave your YoBaby at someones place for a limited period of time for a small sum of coins (Usually 100-500 coins)
  • Adoption Centers: Events from where you can adopt YoBabies or YoTeens. You can usually find adults here looking for children.
  • Hotels: Rent a room or home for a limited period of time. All hotels have different prices. The average price for a room is 200 coins and a house is 1,000 coins.

Modern Businesses

Over the years, businesses in YoWorld have evolved from RP Businesses to businesses providing services. There are many businesses throughout YoWorld providing services.