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Freedom City International Airport

The airport was opened in 2012, during the airport theme in YoVille. The airport is the main hub for YoVille International Airlines and YoAir Express. The airport was once known as Yucci City Airport and Imperial YoVille Interway until YoCustoms purchased the rights to the airport in 2013.

Airport Destinations 

The Airport recieves flights from around the world, but all of the air traffic comes from planes leaving the city. The airport is run currently by YoTransport Administration Board (YTAB), with corporate funding from YoCustoms Airlines. 

Within the Airport 

The airport has 2 check in counters, one run by YoCustoms, and another run by other airlines who wish to purchase it for any flights they may have. The airport runs it's own shuttle throughout the city. 

The airport has a exclusive first class lounge known as the "Imperial Lounge" that is owned, maintained, and rented by YoCustoms airlines. 

The airport also has shopping, washrooms, and a seating area also owned by YoCustoms. 

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